Scheduler size in window

I have created a scheduler in a resizable YUI window using the below code in my javascript :

scheduler.config.multi_day = true; scheduler.config.xml_date="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i"; scheduler.init('scheduler_here',null,"week"); scheduler.load("js/samples/common/events.xml");

and this code in my HTML:[code]

    <div class="ft">

The scheduler show up in the window but the title bars for the days in the month view do not span the entire square that defines the box for that day. This is causing events to show up in between days. I have tried to change the width of the day headers but that isnt working to correctly format the scheduler. Any suggestions? Thanks


Scheduler detects size of container on moment of initialization, so if size of html container was changed after that - scales will not be resized automatically ( scheduler can detect resize of window, but can’t direct resize of html container )

You can try to add the next call
it need to be called after changing size of html container , to adjust sizes inside the scheduler.