Scheduler stops firing dataprocessor to send event to server

I am running into a problem, after several updates the data processor post stops firing and never sends the data to the server. When things work, I see a POST local:8080/myapp/scheduler/event … iting=true in the console, but then it stops without any particular pattern. If I call the data processor setUpdated(event_id, “updated”) the data is saved as expected. Do I need to
call myDP.setUpdated() manually to guarantee that the event is saved? Do I call it in the OnEventChanged handler or some other handler? I have attached my code below for reference

    myDP = new dataProcessor("/myapp/scheduler/");
myDP.setTransactionMode("POST", true);

    scheduler.attachEvent("onEventChanged", function(event_id, event_object) {

Thank you for your help.



This can happen if server returns an incorrect response
Make sure the response is valid and has a correct Content-Type (application/xml) … l#response

Once we get into this state, how do we reset the scheduler and/or dataprocessor?

Also in this particular state, when an event is updated, and Post event is not fired, we do not see any bold text, like it shows in normal failure cases when an event fails to update like due to network connection error.

I have been looking through the logs and running tests for the past two days, however I am not seeing any errors or exceptions. My code have handlers for both “error” and “invalid” data processor events. Neither one was being triggered when the control failed. Any suggestions on how to determine when the scheduler/data processor goes into this state?

     myDP.defineAction("error", function(response) {
		alert("DP error handler");
        return false;
	myDP.defineAction("invalid", function(response) {
		alert("DP invalid handler");
        return false;