Scheduler throws error in node js app

Hi Team,
I will explain my use case before jumping into what the issue is. I have an angular app that has scheduler feature in it. It creates/puts the recurring event into the postgres DB via springboot api. This is all working fine. No issues here. I have a requirement that I have to parse those recurring events in DB and store all its individual occurrences into another table. I came across getRecDates() via this post Saving all occurences of Recurring events - #4 by aifadis . I decided to have a node js app (that runs in server side. that means no UI will be there . ) that uses getRecDates() . In order to do that, I installed dhtmlx-scheduler from npm. When I run the node app, I am getting ‘window is not defined in dhtmlx-scheduler’ error. I believe this npm package is intended for client side. Can you help me provide the proper dhtmlx scheduler file that I can use in my node js app? (2.3 MB)
Attached is the code file

Hello @rajeswarij ,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. Unfortunately, there is no specific Scheduler version that can run without client side.

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