Scheduler Time missing css in Angular Projet



I recently try to add Scheduler Timeline (pro)
When I implement Scheduler in my html page and load it, here the result :

I think it’s because the css loaded badly

here the angular.json for import the css.

Please, take note I’m in scss

“projectType”: “application”,
“schematics”: {
@schematics/angular:component”: {
“style”: “scss”

Can someone give me some help/tips to fix that ?



Hi @Benoit,

Highly likely, the issue is connected with incorrect paths to style files, so the first thing that I can suggest - is to check them.

I also checked if the issue could be connected with scss files, but it also worked correctly:

Also, technically it could be a little bit easier to import all “scheduler styles” into one final css/scss files, which can make managing a little bit easier:

If it won’t help, could you please send me a simplified demo, which I will be able to run locally and reproduce the issue?
You can send it to PM( click on my nick => click the “Message” button => attach the archive)

Kind regards,