Scheduler timelin mode


Hi, My company bought the pro version a few years ago and applied it to the system. This time, among customer requests, we received a request to open in timeline mode when entering the page, and we saved the mode value in local storage for the semester to perform, and then changed the mode value to timeline in location.hash when entering the page.
But if you move the mouse before the scheduler is drawn, the library internal code “length)[r._trace_x.length-1],r.x_step,r.x_unit),r._end_correction&&(c =new Date(c-r._end_correction));else{var h=nir._step+r._start_correction;c=new Date(+r.trace_x[]+h)}return c},e.attachEvent (“onBeforeTodayDisplayed”,function(){for(var t in e.matrix)” I get the error “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)” at this point. Is there a way to solve this situation? ?



Currently it’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong in your case, as it can be occurred by various reasons. Can PM me a link to your application(with all necessary instructions to login/reproduce the issue), so somebody from the dev team could reproduce the issue?