Scheduler timeline alignment issue

I have come across the same issue that seems to be in the demo hotel room reservation aswell.

Is there a way to fix this ?

Hi @Rauno_Kaasik,

I checked the demo page on few browsers(Chrome/Firefox/Edge) but the issue didn’t occur:

Could you please provide more details on how to reproduce it(OS/Browser/other details)?

@Siarhei Hi,

I think it seems to be related to browser zoom. Besides that using Windows OS 10, Microsoft Edge(chromium based).

Works fine with 100 % laptop screen 14’’ . Breaks with zoom anything else than 100.
Also noticed the issue with a bigger monitor 32’’ and 100%.

Should it be zoom independent ?


Hi @Rauno_Kaasik,

Thank you for your clarification.
This issue occurs because of the old version of the scheduler core in our sample.
You can fix it by replacing the scheduler sources of your .net project with the latest ones(v5.3.11) of the js scheduler.

Kind regards,

Just to clarify - must i purchase the .js scheduler licence then, besides the .NET licence that i already have? - for the files

Hi @Rauno_Kaasik,

If you have the active .net license, we will provide you all the necessary files. You can discuss license questions by contacting the

Kind regards,

Yes , i have an active license. I have reached out to the email. Thanks

Seems like the licensed version that i had was not fixed with the js,css files.

I think i will have to just get the latest js version and scrap out the .NET part overall. Only implement the ajax calls.