Scheduler timeline days mode

Can I use timeline Cell mode with timeline Days mode ? please provide a code snippet for this : )

I have tried this way

          scheduler.locale.labels.matrix_tab = "Matrix"
          scheduler.config.xml_date="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i";

          var sections=[
             {key:1, label:"Section A"},
             {key:2, label:"Section B"},
             {key:3, label:"Section C"},
             {key:4, label:"Section D"}

             name:   "matrix",
             x_unit:   "minute",
             x_date:   "%H:%i",
             x_step:   30,
             x_size: 24,
                            render: "days",
                            days: 18
          scheduler.templates.matrix_cell_class = function(evs,x,y){
             if (!evs) {
                var day = x.getDay();
                return (day==0 || day == 6) ? "yellow_cell" : "white_cell";
             if (evs.length<3) return "green_cell";
             if (evs.length<5) return "yellow_cell";
             return "red_cell";
          scheduler.templates.matrix_scalex_class = function(date){
             if (date.getDay()==0 || date.getDay()==6)  return "yellow_cell";
             return "";
          scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(2014,5,30),"matrix");

But after creating an event its taking full width (start time to end time)

Actually I want to use timeline days mode and when i create an event it should cover the entire cell( like in the cell mode) .
So I need a combination of both timeline cell mode + timeline days mode

is it possible ?
please suggest me regarding this :slight_smile:

Thank you.

daily mode of timeline works only in ‘bars’ rendering mode.
If you need this in order to make event occupy whole cell of timeline, try setting round_position and event height options from timeline constructor, … eview.html
so events could look like in this demo