Scheduler timeline event height based on event_bar_text

Hi there,

I am using the scheduler in timeline view and I would like to change the height of the event based on the content like this photo below

how can I achieve this ? here’s my implementation at the moment

scheduler.config.container_autoresize = false
    scheduler.xy.bar_height = 40

      name: 'timeline',
      render: 'bar',
      xml_date: '%Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%s',
      x_date: '%D %j',
      x_unit: 'day',
      x_size: 7,
      round_position: true,
      y_unit: [
          key: '1',
          label: '',
      y_property: 'section_id',
      section_autoheight: false,
      dy: 150,
      dx: 0,
      fit_events_offset: 150,
      occurrence_timestamp_in_utc: true,

    const that = this

    scheduler.templates.event_bar_text=function(start, end, event){
      return `
      <div id="${}">

getResources(event: IJobSchedule): string {
    let result = ''
    const color = event.color === '#FFFFFF' ? 'bg-dark text-white' : 'bg-white text-dark'
    event.resources.forEach(x => result+=`<span class="pl-1 pr-1 font-size-10 rounded-pill ${color}">${x}<br></span>`)
    return result

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @I_am_Developer ,

Unfortunately, currently there is no possibility to control height of a separate event. This functionality stays in our future plans, unfortunately there is no ETA when it can be implemented.

Kind regards,

ok thanks for the response, much appreciated :slight_smile: