scheduler to pdf printing javascript

I am really looking forward to this should it become available. Do you have any update on the time line? I did get an alpha version from dhtmlx and it had some odd views. Is there a functional version expected soon.

Unfortunately we don’t have any update. Possibly it’ll be available next month

Thanks, I am really looking forward to it!

One of my biggest concerns right now is PRINTING. Can’t wait to hear something about this.

Think you are right.
In daily use it is mostly important to print something out, for having it physicaly there, even if system gets broken or connection failed…

I am working some thing out, using the agenda_view as the basic algorythm… Cia setting start and end-date (and a menue :wink: ) you can be able to show some days events one afte ranother…
Printing the whole scheduler with it’s boxes and colours couldn’t be anybodys affort, or what? :slight_smile:

Any more ideas or clues here?
I like the way GOOGLE uses the printing function within therere calendar.