scheduler tooltip position


I’ve a issue with the scheduler tooltip.

It looks like the tooltip container has changed in version 3.7 comparing with the 3.6

In 3.6 the container was scheduler._obj, in 3.7 it’s the body.

No problem about that, but the top/left of the tooltip in 3.6 is the same as top/left in 3.7, for the same mouse location.

Because my scheduler is not at position 0/0, it leads to a bad position for the tooltip in 3.7.

In attachement, you’ll find a sample of the result in 3.6 and an other in 3.7.

Best Regards.

problem doesn’t seems to appear in the latest dev build, I can send you updated version of tooltip extension.
Do you use Standard or Pro version of the scheduler?


I’ve attached a zip containing a sample in which the issue can be checked.
You simply have to add an event using DnD.

I can also check if it works using your dev version, but I’m using the pro version, so I supposed I’ll have to ask for it in a ticket :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help ! (271 KB)

thank you for the demo.
Problem seems to be fixed in latest dev version. You can recieve it by submitting a ticket in our support system, or i can send you a PM with the download link


I’ll submit a ticket :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.