Scheduler translating?


I’ve been looking for an calendar+event manager component lately. With JEvents not working, I tried Scheduler. It suits me by look and does everything I need. The thing is, I have no idea how to translate the calendar (namely month names, day names and eventually “year” word).

The site/codebase/sources does have some locale files. I tried changing the locale_en.js file (right now my Scheduler is in English) and overwriting the old one with my modified version, but no success - Scheduler is still in English.

If anyone can tell me just WHERE is the file that I need to modify to SEE calendar in my language, I’ll post my translation here (Polish) for the greater good and such. I do not need nor want to translate the component backend, only the month&day names in calendar view.


Package already includes

Normally , component must automatically include locale file based on joomla settings.
So, if you have pl-PL as locale , sources/locale_pl.js will be added to the page.

if you are using some other locale code xx-YY - then sources/locale_xx.js will be loaded.

Thanks for reply,

You are wrong. In the beta package there is no locale_pl file. I created one and everything works. Be sure to include one when beta becomes stable release.

Keep up the awesome work!