Scheduler Tree_DB

Hi all.
I’m concerned to Scheduler tree_db function.
I find the example in scheduler package.
My question is: there is additional documentation ?
I use the connector and I work in PHP/MySql for my goal.
In particular I want get the “elements” value from my DB but I don’t understand the concept.

In the example:

[code] elements = [ // original hierarhical array to display
{key:10, label:“Web Testing Dep.”, open: true, children: [
{key:20, label:“Elizabeth Taylor”},
{key:30, label:“Managers”, open: true, children: [
{key:40, label:“John Williams”},
{key:50, label:“David Miller”}
{key:60, label:“Linda Brown”},
{key:70, label:“George Lucas”}
{key:80, label:“Kate Moss”},
{key:90, label:“Dian Fossey”}

        section_autoheight: false,
        name:    "timeline",
           x_unit:    "day",
        x_date:    "%d %M",
        x_step:    30,
        x_start: 16,
        x_length:    48,
        y_unit: elements,
        y_property:    "section_id",
        render: "tree",
        folder_events_available: true,

and my events.php:


Can you help me ?
Thank you.

So far the structure of tree-timeline can’t be loaded from server side. Only configure in js code. ( probably you can build necessary js code by php script )