Scheduler/TypeScript/Data Processor


Hi, I am trying to use the Scheduler with TypeScript and specifying custom dataProcessor url

let url: string = “/mywebserver/”

let db: {TypeScript type} = new dataProcessor(url)

With the Gantt definitely typed definitions, there is a data processor type that lives on GanttStatic object but the scheduler has not such definition. Where can I find the data processor definition for the Scheduler?


Hi Brian,
the data processor was not added to the definitions because type definitions were created primarily for use with an angular or react, in which the data processor is usually not used.
I’ve notified our dev team about this issue, the task is registered in our internal tracker and I’ll post an update in this thread when we have something new. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any timeline on when it can be ready.


Thanks @Ales for the update!