Scheduler TypeScript Definition file

Hi -

What is the preferred method of retrieving TypeScript definitely typed files for the Scheduler control? Should we be bringing those files in via npm or adding them manually via the .d.ts file included in the component source?

Hi Brian,
we recommend using type definitions from the dhtmlxScheduler package because we plan to actively update them in case of problems.
You can use typings from DefinitelyTyped ( ) if they work for you. But that version is older and we’re not going to update it in the near future.

i have latest ‘@types/dhtmlxscheduler’ - version 4.3.37 and scheduler version 5.3.4 and there are some missing types. For example: locale.labels.timeline_scale_header or scheduler.matrix. So we have to use @ts-ignore or extend dhtmlxcheduler types. Just to mention :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Ales and @Kendzi . I’ll plan on using the definitely typed file from the scheduler package. We’ve found the @types package file to be missing more types as well.

Addtionally, @Kendzi , We regularly have to extend the types as well or use the @ts-ignore too. Thank you both for the help.

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