Scheduler - Using a conditional for lightbox

I have set up recurring in the scheduler and I would like to display some of the items on the lightbox based on whether the event is set to recurring or not. Can this be done? If so how?

Thank you for your efforts and help!


The lightbox rendered only once , and used for all events - so it not possible to have few different forms for different events ( scheduler will require a complex code wrapper to achieve such use-case )
You can create your custom section-editors, and use them instead of original one ( just copy paste default textarea|select controls in simplest case ), inside setValue of such custom editor you can define logic, which will made them disabled, based on some event’s property. As result , based on event settings, some controls may be disabled in event’s form.

okay… I am working on this without much success… any examples would be very helpful.

Thank you as always :slight_smile:


You can check the attached sample.
972394.ZIP (29.8 KB)