Scheduler v2.3: Minor quirks

While testing version 2.3, I noticed a few minor quirks that may need to be addressed.

:arrow_right: While the Scheduler does provide a new event default start time, if that time slot is already filled (record added to database), it’s not possible to add new events beyond that start time. For example, I have my start time as 7:00 am. If I request a new event on an empty date cell (double click event on cell) using the default time and save it, I cannot add additional events for that day.
:arrow_right: When I drag an event from one day to another using the Monthly view and the event has a single quote in the event text, it add’s a backslash in front of the single quote. If that event is moved multiple times to/from different days it add’s multiple backslashes.

it’s not possible to add new events beyond that start time.
Do you have “prevent event ovelapping” checked ?
This is the only extension which can block event creation for specific date, and it will block any new event creation, if there is another one already exists for the same time.

Second issue caused by enabled “magic quotes” in your php installation.
Latest php version have is disabled by default ( and it will be depricated in php 6.x )

Yes, I did have the ‘prevent overlapping’ checked - thanks for that tip. Magic quotes? Ok, I still have a lot to learn about WordPress and PHP. I will look that up and re-configure the installation.

If you will have problems with magic quotes disabling, I think there is an alternative solution, with plugin’s code tweaking.