Scheduler with Classic ASP and access database

PS.: Polina, don’t be mad with to many topics and questions. :wink:

Sorry again for my poor english.

I spend many time reading the docs, but i find no examples of Classic ASP, to use my Access database.

I found in PHP, in ASP.NET, but that’s programing languages i realy don’t know nothing.

I create pages in ASP to load and store data outside de scheduler whit html forms that i’m create myself, then bring data back like this:


	], "json");

It’s work, but i think that have a better way to do this directly fron the scheduler page.

Unfortunately, using that i’m lose the better things the scheduler bring to users, the facility

The scheduler is almost complete to my needs, but I would like to enjoy the practicality that this beautifull creation represents.

I’m sorry, but realy newbe on programing languages.

Tks again

Hello @camisavp,

Sorry, I’m not sure that I fully understand what you mean.
If the question related to loading data, I advise you to read this article. Hope you will find the required answer there: