scheduler with dhtmlx touch

is there a little sample for use the scheduler with code of the touch desinger

{ id: 'app', view: 'layout', height: 482, width: 322, rows: [ { view: 'layout', type: 'wide', rows: [ { view: 'calendar', date: '01.01.2011', startOnMonday: true, navigation: true, weekHeader: false, weekNumber: false, skipEmptyWeeks: true, calendarDateFormat: '%Y-%m-%d', calendarMonthHeader: '%F %Y', calendarDayHeader: '%d', calendarWeek: '%W', cellHeight: 30, cellAutoHeight: true, width: 300, height: 300, id: 'calendar_2'}, { view: 'view', id: 'temp_designer_view_3'}, { view: 'view', id: 'temp_designer_view_4'} ], id: 'layout_2' } ] }

to chain with dataprocessor, like this

var dp = new dataProcessor("data.php?user=2"); dp.init(scheduler);


Can you please explain what you are trying to do?

view: 'calendar'

is simple calendar, not a scheduler.

You may want to check mobile scheduler application in the touch package.

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