Scheduler with recurring events


When I create a recurring event, my database is not updated correctly.
For example:
I create a recurring event starting from 21 july 9AM to 21 july 10AM, with 10 occurences on working days. This works exactly as expected on screen for the 10 events created. But in the database, I have only one event created starting on my first occurence date 21 july 9AM and ending on my last occurence date 4th august 9AM (and not 10AM). Of course if I refresh the data, I see only one event on the 14 days.

Thanks for your help.

Even in the correct scenario, recurring event will be stored as a single record ( not as 10 separate records )

Be sure that you have added extra fields, necessary for recurring events. And that connector’s code was updated (if you are using connector’s of course) … ntegration


I added the 3 more required fields in the database:

… and it seems to be working fine.

Is there a way to not save data in separated records in the database?

In my case (meeting offers and subscription), I need to :

  • know quickly how many dates are “opened” by a user
  • show the created events always as separeted event to event subscriber

An other solution could be for me to never display the lightbox asking: Do you want to edit the whole set of repeated events?

There are 2 user roles using the Scheduler:

  • the manager that create events
  • the simple user that subscribe to a single event

Simple users should never see the lightbox as it exists by default and even more the special message box regarding the multiple update.

Is there a way to force the response to “Edit Occurence” using the scheduler configuration?

I found this prperty in the config and it does the job perfectly!

scheduler.config.lightbox_recurring = “instance”;

Thanks anyway for your responses :slight_smile: