Scheduler with Salesforce Lightning Web Component

Does Scheduler work with Salesforce Lightning Web Component? Thanks!

Hello @David_Wang1,

Unfortunately, the dhtmlxScheduler is not compatible with the Salesforce Lightning Web Component framework, it’s mostly due to the restrictions applied by the Lightning Locker service.

Adding this compatibility stays in our plans and will be implemented in the future, unfortunately, I can’t give you any ETA. I will post any updates in this thread.

Boy do I wish I had found this before I did all kinds of work…

Anyway, this is not entirely true. I have gotten Scheduler to work in a display only sort of mode. I was just looking for info on making it interactive, as that didn’t seem to be working… and that’s the issue - none of the events work, lightbox doesn’t work, and in order to get classes to work, I had to upload them as a static resource.

Hope this saves someone else some headaches…