Scheduler xml structure for selects options

Hi i need add a select in my config.lightbox, i using the next code:

{name:“tipo_evento”, height:130, map_to:“tipo_evento”, type:“select”,


                {key:1, label:“Normal”},

                {key:2, label:“Moderate”},

                {key:3, label:“Critical”}



my xml is

<start_date>2009-07-02 14:00:00</start_date>

<end_date>2009-07-02 14:00:00</end_date>

Nuevo 1


<tipo_evento>Tipo 2</tipo_evento>

But this show the next error

node is null


in the line 2816 approximately

What is the problem? Thanks.

Jorge Arzuaga

You have define possible values of “tipo_evento” field as [1,2,3] - key values of options array
But in your XML, it has value which was not mentioned in list
<tipo_evento>Tipo 2</tipo_evento>
As result editor fails located correct option inside select for data in XML ( maybe it is not the best implementation - to throw an error in such case, but it is how it works for now )

If you change value , to existing one
or add such key value as “Tipo 2” to options array - problem will be resolved.