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When scheduler.matrix.timeline.x_step = 1, Scheduler updated the date to next date


Can anyone help me with this?

Hello @ShwethaKRai,

Could you please clarify what you mean as:

Scheduler updated the date to next date

As I understand, clicking on the next/prev button skips some dates, am I right?

If so, it occurs because the x_step property means step between timeline columns, in your case it means that steps between columns will be equal to `1 day(your x_unit).

If you mean that when you click next/prev button the timeline skips some date, it occurs because of the x_length property. In your config, click on the next/prev button will set the date ± 24 day from the current.

If you want to avoid skipping dates, you should set the x_lenth equal to the x_size property, that will be 7 in your case.

Here is a demo:

If you meant something different, could you please clarify your question with more details, or reproduce the issue in the snippet above(open the snippet => reproduce the issue => click the “Save” button => post here the new link)

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