hi Stanislav,
here is what i would like to have.Each day a schedule may have upto a MAX of 1 schedule which overrides it.This override schedule is shown in red color.We want to prevent the user from adding another overriding schedule on top of it for each day or for that event.In other words when he double clicks it should not open the lightbox but ONLY display a message and when he double clicks on a date if there is no overriding schedule it should show the lightbox.Is this possible if so how ? Do we need to need to put that in “OnBeforeLightbox” event if not please advise? I know when you click on a date where there is no event the scheduler is not talking to the database but we need the capablilty to show either a message or the lightbox depending upon whether there is overriding schedule or not?How do we achieve this ? what methods in the backend do we have to handle this? Please let me know

hello Stanislav,
waiting for your response for the above question.Please let me know