I am trying to use scheduler 3.5 in my app but i have some questions…

I used the web scheduler version before and i want to know if there is a lot of differences between web and mobile scheduler…

I read that only toolbars can be customized in mobile version.

I need to cutomize a lot of things…views…add fields…change database for my logic…and so on…and i think it is not posible with mobile version…am i wrong?

what is the best option for me? if all my assumptions are correct…do i have to use web version, that is more powerful than the mobile one?. In my opnion.

Is it posible to use the web scheduler version inside an app developed with dhtmlx touch? I think so but i need to know with handicaps i can find if i do this.

This is very important for the my app.

thanks and greetings!



differences between web and mobile scheduler…

The main difference is UI. dhtmlxScheduler works on touch devices, but it does not have a ready UI solution for small screens.

UI of Mobile Scheduler looks great on small screens. The latest version of Mobile Scheduler is implemented based on Webix library (we stopped development of dhmlx mobile scheduler and dhtmlxTouch):