Scheduler7.0.0 Minical initial week day style bug
Please clike Calendar, the popup mini calendar weekdays far left positioned. If navigate in the calendar, it goes ok.

Hello @jyginger,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue, and the attached demo. It’s quite specific issue that occurs when scheduler + minicalendar is attached to the Suite layout. I already sent it to the dev team, and they will try to fix it ASAP.

As a workaround you can fix it by adding the following rules:

    .dhx_year_grid .dhx_year_week .dhx_scale_bar {
        width: 14.2% !important;

Here is a demo:

Kind regards,

Hi Siarhei, thanks for your solution. It is much better.
But still small things left.
As the provided demo, issue on the first show of the minical is solved, but if you navigate to previous or next month, the width of minical will shrink. I tried your demo, this could last 2 times.
On my case, the shrink will last more times, which leads to a very narrow calendar.