SchedulerFormResponseScript with a DataAction<GUID>

I’m changing the default id-field to a GUID as requested by my client. I noticed that this is easily implemented because of the DataAction overload. However when studying the SchedulerFormResponseScript method, there is no overload to accept this DataAction method, only the default DataAction method.

Could this be added?

Related to this topic, I noticed that a new event gets assign a random number upon generation through javascript. This number is to big for a standard int, which results in a default 0 value upon databinding. So why even generating this number? Could this random number also be a GUID? How can one implement this?


Client-side scheduler requires that all events have an id, so it creates temporary ones for new events(it is current timestamp for the first event and autoincrement for others, you can use ‘long’ to store it on server).

You may override scheduler.uid function, which generates ids on the client:
js:scheduler.uid = function(){ return //generate GUID somehow; };

Yes, we will add it in the upcoming update. It should be really soon, at the beginning of the next week.