SchedulerTooltip not working on unit view

Tooltip not working after upgrading to 4.4 can anyone help

could you please provide some kind of demo or instructions on how to reproduce the issue?
I’ve just checked tooltips in demo from scheduler package (added dhtmlxscheduler_tooltip.js into units view demo scheduler/samples/03_extensions/02_units_view.html) and everything seemed working correctly.

Thanks for your reply.
I am currently loding data from intersystem cache server.

using below

scheduler.attachEvent(“onViewChange”, function (new_mode , new_date){
var mode = scheduler.getState().mode;
if(mode == “unit”){
var"%d %F %Y");
var TDate = formatD(scheduler.getState().date);
var XData = #server(…MOpenPage(TDate))#;

If I remove “var XData = #server(…MOpenPage(TDate))#;” the tooltip works fine.

Please advise if you know a fix.