Scheduling time not converted to local time

We are trying to upgrade to the latest version ( v.5.3.11), but we are facing a problem with the scheduling time.
It seems that it does not convert from utc to local time (despite the scheduler.config.server_utc = true), setting the scheduled containers always one hour earlier (for example, if we schedule them at 9:30, they will start at 8:30).
We didn’t change anything from our code, so we were wondering if someone else faced this problem.

Debugging the code, I noticed that
scheduler.parse(assignments, "json")
could be the problem. In the version that we were using before, it was changing the utc time to the local one, but now not anymore

Hello @Little_Monkey ,

The only changes in the parse method were in the 5.2 version:
which made the “format” parameter optional.

I tried to reproduce the issue in our demo, but it worked correct, which means, that with the server_utc = true; config, the parsed data was converted to the local(+03 UTC):

Here is a demo:

And with server_utc = false; it was parsed as it is(with no changes for local time):


Currently, it’s hard to suggest what goes wrong, without details, so could you please reproduce the issue in our snippet tool(open the snippet => reproduce the issue => click the “Share” button => post here the new link), or provide me a step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it on my end?