screen position of a dhtmlxGrid cell

On clicking a cell, I want an input window to be created immediately to the right of the cell clicked.
At the moment, on clicking a cell, I can create a window as in, eg
w1 = dhxWins.createWindow(“w1”, 180, 20, 400, 80);

but this is always at the same position on top of the grid.
I would like to dynamically adjust the position of the created window, depending on the position of the cell clicked, but have not found any API functions that help.
Can you suggest how this could be done? Thanks

Please, try to use the following code:

y=mygrid.cells(id,colInd).cell.offsetTop; x=mygrid.cells(id,colInd).cell.offsetLeft;

Hi, That works great for the first rows shown, but as soon as I use the scroll bar to move down the grid I have a problem, as offsetTop is relative to the first row in the grid.

That moves me to my next question…

Is there a way to find out the rowID of the first visible row displayed on the grid? I should be able to use that to calculate the offset relative to the first row displayed.


You may try to use getStateOfView() method: … tateofview

Perfect! Thanks so much.