Screen 'shifts' after select in combobox


I’m having a problem with the combobox…

It works perfectly, but after I select a value the entire form shifts to the right?

I’m using it on pop-up screen, so it’s a small window and all the fields get shifted to the right, halfway outside the screen…

Is this a setting I’m missing?

(here’s some perhaps useless code)





                    <option value="#id#" selected>#projectcode#





Is the same code worked normally with native select box ?

The combo has not any special code, which will be executed on value selection, and may cause such effect
There are two places in code , which moves focus in combo, while I don’t see how it can cause described effect, you can try to locate and comment occurences of next line in dhtmlxcombo.js
this is only code inside combo which can anyhow affect position of content

If I leave the part out, it works like a normal select box.
But it’s not just the content which gets moved, its the entire form!
Like it produces a blank form first and then displays the normal form…

This happens every time I close the dropdown-list… (so by not selecting an item in the list, but clicking somewhere else on the page, this also happens)
Its like on the close event he adds the left-positioning value not just to the combobox, but to the entire form again or something…

I’ve attached 3 screenshots to show you the actions (the dhtmlx is the one next to Project)

When combo closing it doing next
    a) get all combo objects on page
    b) for each combo
       - hide list of options ( assigns display:none )
       - hide hidden iframe in case of IE ( assings display:none)
that is all, there is nothing that can trigger incorrect behavior.

If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where issue can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to )

Ok, so I’ve mailed you the example.
As I’ve mentioned in the mail, I’m using Coldfusion 8 and it seems the shift only happens with the .cfm extension, not with a .htm extension…

Problem 'solved’
It seems the debug-information at the bottom of the screen created by the Coldfusion server made the page shift when using the dhtmlx-combobox…
So only developers see the shift (unfortunately)