script error for onClick in Year view

In my calendar in Year view I get the error:

 e.getAttribute is not a function

when I click on a date. The debugger points to the line:

 }return a>r?{day:s,week:r}:null},sched...(e,scheduler._locate_year_month_day); 

I have the onSelect function defined, but the error is not coming from that event. It apparently happens before the onSelect event.

In Day, Week, or Month view this error does not occur. Any suggestions on why this happens in Year view?


Is it occurs in default sample of only in your app ?

I can’t reconstruct the issue with standard sample, can you share a demo link or provide a sample where problem can be checked.

Here is a URL:


Please try to use the attached js file instead of the original one. (2.95 KB)

Thank you, Stanislav. That fixed it.