scripterrorwhile loading dhtmlXVaultObject in dhtmlxvault.js

iam getting error while loading dhtmlXVaultObject & the error points to line 12 in dhtmlxvault.js . The line is

{this.parentObject = document.getElementById(htmlObject); = “relative”;this.parentObject.innerHTML = “”;this.containerDiv = document.createElement(“div”);this.containerDiv.className = “dhxvlt_panel2border”; = “position:absolute;overflow-y:auto;height:190px;background-color:#FFFFFF;top:10px;left:10px;z-index:10;width:410px”;this.parentObject.appendChild(this.containerDiv);this.container = document.createElement(“div”); = “relative”;this.container.innerHTML = “

” +

the error says parentobject is null. I have imported dhtmlxvault.js file in my js imports.
Can some one tell me what could be the reason?

If you have correctly specified the htmlObject - id, this might be that this element is not yet rendered on your page. Where do you create the vault? If the document is completely loaded?

Thanks for the suggestion . I fixed the problem on your suggestion