Scroling Div in multiview

I am using a div in a multiview. I am wondering how I could use the scrolling for text that is extends beyond the view able area , i have tried implementing scroll view but no dice.

															{view: 'scrollview', scroll: 'xy',content: {rows: [{template:"<div id='detail' style='width:100%,height:100%'></div>"}]}, id: 'scrollview_3',id:'tab_1'},
															{view: 'scrollview', scroll: 'xy',content: {rows: [{template:"<div id='detailbody' style='width:100%,height:100%'></div>"}]}, id: 'scrollview_3',id:'tab_2'},
															{view: 'scrollview', scroll: 'xy',content: {rows: [{template:"<div id='directions' style='width:100%,height:100%'></div>"}]}, id: 'scrollview_3',id:'tab_3'}

Just use template with scroll:true ( or scroll:“xy” - if you need the two way scrolls )

{view:"multiview", cells:[ { template:"some long content here", scroll:true},

as for scrollview - to have scroll you need to provide height value for inner content , something like

{view:"multiview", cells:[ {view: 'scrollview', scroll: 'xy',content: {template:"<div id='detail' style='width:100%,height:100%'></div>", height:1200, width:1200 }, id: 'scrollview_3',id:'tab_1'},

hmm thought i had tried that. But thanks works great.