Scroll across units in timeline view

hello ,
i’ve tried to add vertical scroll in timeline view to scroll over units , when double click on cell the unit value retieved without scrolling working fine , but when scroll it get wrong value of “y_ind” on onCellDblClick attached event

code of cell double click and timeline creation:

scheduler.attachEvent("onCellDblClick", function (x_ind, y_ind, x_val, y_val, e) { var hcaName = scheduler.matrix[scheduler._mode].y_unit[y_ind].label; });

scheduler.createTimelineView({ section_autoheight: false, name: "timeline", dx: 200,//side bar width dy: 500, x_unit: "hour",// the scale parameters will be calculated in minutes x_date: "%g:%i%A", x_step: 1,//sets the '1 hour' step, e.g. 09:00 - 10:00 y_unit: scheduler.serverList("units", $users), y_property: "section_id", second_scale: { x_unit: "day", // the measuring unit of the axis (by default, 'minute') x_date: "%j %F %Y" //the date format of the axis ("July 01") }, render: "bar", all_timed: true, preserve_length: true, start_on_monday: true });

it seems working correctly in our demos -
can you please provide a complete example?