Scroll bars not showing

Hi all,

I have a Gantt chart with a timeline which does not fit in the visible task area. So I can scroll to the left and right which is easy if you’re on a mac. But with a normal mouse, only vertical scrolling is possible. So I need a horizontal scroll bar. But this is not showing in my chart (at least in Chrome not). How can I make it possible that the horizontal scrollbar is ALWAYS shown? I have tried the Mac settings to show a scroll bar always, but this is not the solution.

Is there a setting for showing the scrollbars?

I am using version 3.3.0.

Additional information: When I open a parent, the scrollbar appears. When I close the parent, the scrollbar stays.

So why is the scrollbar on the initial load not visible?

horisontal scroll should be visible whenever the date range can’t be displayed in one gantt screen.
Probably there is some issue with initial sizing of the chart. Can you please provide some kind of demo?
Ideally if you reconstruct it using this tool, so we’ll be able to check it and repeat the issue locally