Scroll Gantt whilst dragging task or drawing new link


Is it possible to have the Gantt scroll horizontally when dragging a task or when trying to draw a new link?

Moving a task is possible by moving a bit then scrolling manually then moving a bit more and so on, although this process seems cumbersome.

However, drawing a new link can’t be done in stages. If it isn’t possible to get the source task on screen at the same time as the destination one, then I can’t work out how you can draw the link between them.

Am I missing something?


You can drag the task and at the same time scroll page to the left or right by using mouse wheel + Shift button. Use the same way while drawing new link.

OK, thanks. That does work.

Is there a plan to make this slightly less dexterously challenging and also more intuitive?

Whilst using the mouse wheel does work, I think the user interface would benefit from improvement in this regard as a built-in feature. If this is considered, then expanding the timeline whilst scrolling left or right would also be a good addition.

Many thanks again.

Best regards

Keith White
Synergist Express Ltd, UK.

Also you can use zoom for displaying whole gantt chart on the screen. In this case you don’t have to use the scroll … o_fit.html

Thanks. The zoom does avoid the horizontal scroll, which will help.

Ideally the user interface would scroll both horizontally or vertically as needed during a task or link drag. For dragging tasks horizontally, widening the scale dynamically during a drag would also be great UX improvement.

Thanks again.

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