Scroll hides

in layout have tabbars

when created new tabbar scroll is present

when event fired and created new window in that tabbar scroll is hides ??? why

Please attach the complete sample where we could recreate the problem


function usertree(id) {
wino = new dhtmlXWindows();
createo = wino.createWindow(‘addof’, 0, 300, 400, 320);
createo.attachEvent(“onClose”, function(win){
return true;
createo.setText(“Add user to office”);


when windows shows scrollbars are hide ;(
all script’s loaded in index.php

Please attach the complete demo.

demo in

on tree “Create user” event on one of tree

Please provide details to the demo. Which file should be opened? And what should be done to recreate the problem?

It seems that all php file in the demo are not runable. In the indexA.php page dhtmlxcommon.js should be included before other js libraries. So, which of these files demonstrates the problem ?

open create user from left tree

dbclick in tab on one of tree, then creates window and scroll bar hides

Window sets hidden overflow for the viewport. As viewport is attached to the main2 container, its overflow gets hidden. You may use one more container that will contain all other html content of the adduser.php page. And attach viewport to it:



winoff = new dhtmlXWindows(); winoff.setImagePath("Windows/imgs/"); winoff.enableAutoViewport(false); winoff.attachViewportTo("overall");

Moreover, tabbar uses ajax-html loading mode. It means that content is added as innerHTML. Therefore, you do not need to use html, head and body tag in the adduser page. I have attached the modified adduser.php (846 Bytes)

very big thank’s…

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when closing active tab from button on toolbar

TypeError: Result of expression ‘that.callEvent’ [null] is not a function. dhtmlxtoolbar.js at line 118

at demo it too popup

We have fixed the problem. (11.7 KB)