Scroll_hour on the Mobile version

Is there a way to implement “scroll_hour” on the mobile version of the Scheduler?

Not a lot happens from 00 - 06, which is what initially gets displayed on my phone…

I’ve looked at possible events, but can’t find any that I can attachEvent to…

And when I change from one day to the next, it automatically scrolls back to 00.

Thank you,


You may set onAfterTabClick click event. It occurs after an item of tabbar or segnement button is clicked.

To get the object of segmented button with “list”, “day” and “month” items you may call $$(“scheduler”).$$(“buttons”). Here “scheduler” is the id of the scheduler.

So, you may set the following event handler:

$$("scheduler").$$("buttons").attachEvent("onAfterTabClick",function(button,id){ if(id=="day"){ dhx.delay(function(){ /*scrolls DayList view to the 6 hour (31 is the height of one scale unit)*/ $$("scheduler").$$("dayList").scrollTo(0,31*6); }) } });

Please read … s_elements docs


Thank you, that worked. I also had to use


to get to the “prev” and “next” ‘buttons’ since they aren’t really ‘buttons’ (rather they are clickable divs).