scroll iframe / template with php

Hi Team,

I have encountered the problem that I can not move the contents of an iframe iphone / ipad.

I have tried the CSS properties you comment in other threads (overflow: scroll; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;), without results.

So I changed the iframe a template to use the scroll, as in this example, but my PHP pages don’t be loaded.

So, my questions:

  • are there any limitations in the component template, so that the PHP pages do not load?
  • is there any way to do finger scroll on iframe component?

Thanks in advance

Scroll inside iframe depends on native platform capabilities. Touch library do not interfere with it in any way. From our experience - it means that scroll do not work on many devices. As this is OS level functionality, it can’t be fixed from js lib.

so that the PHP pages do not load?
It must not matter. While server side returns correct html data - there will not be difference, is it generated by php script or just a plain html file. Try to load the same php url in separate browser’s window.

Thanks for your answer.

My php pages load properly in separate browser’s window or in iframes. They use DHTMLX Touch too, that is allowed?


There is no any restrictions on content inside the iframe
If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample or demo linke where it can be checked.

Hi again,

Using iframe component, data was displayed properly, but I had to change iframe by template component, due to scroll issue, and I am experimenting some problems to load my pages using template.

I found that all the content you have after an HTML comment is not shown, so the solution was to delete comments.

The problem now is that the javascript code is not executed inside the template component. Please, see my demo. Any help would be appreciated.

demo.php (main page)

				{ id: 'app', view: 'layout', height: 482, width: 322,
				rows: [
					{ view: 'layout', type: 'wide',
						rows: [
							{ view: 'template',  scroll: "y", src: "demo_content.php", id: 'template_2'},
						], id: 'layout_2'

demo_content.php (template)

	document.write("javascript is not working");

	text before comment is displayed
	text after comment is not displayed

Best regards

This is expected. Template is purposed to be a static html, it is injected in page as innerHTML and browser will not process script tags for such content.