Scroll not working when dragging tasks

I use order_branch config to drag and drop tasks ( … onfig.html). It works OK but I see I can’t scroll the chart when I’m dragging. So I can’t drag tasks out of visible area(top and bottom). How can I configure dhtmlxGantt to do this?


You can drag task and scroll the mouse wheel at the same time.

But if I am not using any mouse. I am using laptop.
Can you please how to fix it?

I have looked everything but I am not able to figure it out why it is not happening.

Thanking you.

I think it should work the same way as with the mouse. But if you specify the layout without the scrollbars, you won’t be able to scroll the grid or timeline at all. You can learn about the layout configuration in the following article:

If you want to reorder tasks (move vertically) in the grid, the page should scroll, when you move the task row close to the top or bottom part of the grid.

If you want to move tasks horizontally, you probably want to increase the date range when you scroll it. Here is the snippet with that functionality:

If that doesn’t help you, please reproduce the issue in the following snippet, click on the “Share” button and send me the link:
I will try to reproduce it locally and see what might be wrong.