Scroll not working when moving task


How can I configure dhtmlxGantt to scroll while moving task out of visible area (left, right).
For example, I try to move task “Marketing” after 20 Apr on this sample … basic.html
it’s not working, so there isn’t horizontal automatic scrollbar.

Second example with scroll … basic.html
I’m trying drag “Documentation creation” task to the right side, but horizontal scroll not working.

valid link to second example is: … _path.html

there is no built-in autoscroll functionality. You can check this thread on the subject

It is not solution for my problem. I meant single task drag, not whole task area drag.
Any other solutions?

if you mean that time scale is not scrolled horisontally when you drag task to the edge of the viewport, i.e. - this is exactly what is discussed in the topic above

Or do you mean that time scale should be extended when you drag task to the edge of the scale?
If so, there is also no built-in solution, but you can check this demo - scales can be extended dynamically

Please clarify if neither of this works

Second solution works perfectly, so I have to make deep tests the first solution you suggested.