Scroll to top of grid

I have a function that will allow me to highlight a selected row and make it visible in the main grid. I achieve that functionality by using the selectrow() method(see code below) My question is how to scroll that highlighted row to top or near the top of the grid. I can’t use the moverow method because I need to maintain the column order. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

function selectRowByIndx(tmpIndx) {

        if (_intSplitCol > 0) {
            gridMiddle.selectRow(tmpIndx, true, false, false);
        if (_grid_ShowRowTotalTable) {
            gridRight.selectRow(tmpIndx, true, false, false);
       gridLeft.selectRow(tmpIndx, true, true, true);

Please, try to use the showRow() method: … ct_showrow