scrollbalk with cell autosize

when i use the cell autosize (*) for dhtmlxGrid in dhtmlxLayout, i get a horizontal scrollbar…

dhxGrid = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachGrid();
dhxGrid.setHeader(“Field1, Field2, Field3”);



how can i disable this scrollbar, there is nothing to scroll anyway?

What version of dhtmlxGrid and dhtmlxLayout do you use? At which browser does issue occur?
Please check working example here … _grid.html

i have the latest version, and IE 8.0.7600

This issue wasn’t reproduced locally. Please check attached screenshot

but i still have the scrollbar in the bottom of that cell? the total width is about 1px to large.

Can you provide demo link or example we issue can be reproduced?

i see it only comes up when there’s also an vertical scrollbar, so when you use ,* and have a longer list, you get 2 scrollbars (horizontal and vertical) and i only need the vertical one.

how can i disable the horizontal scrollbar when i use *?

What version of dhtmlxGrid and shtmlxLayout are you using? Similar issue was fixed at the latest version

its working now, thnx.
Do you know how i can disable the scrollbars with dhtmlxwindows?
when i load a url into a dhtmlxwindow, i want to hide the scrollbars too…

You have to disable scrollbar for the page or container which you load in window. It can be done with “overflow” css attribute

could you please give me an example how i can do this?
thanks in advance!