Scrollbar in Enable distributed Parsing


We are using dhtmlxGridfromTable in one of the projects with a large set of data . So , we had to enable distributed parsing for the grid.But on enabling distributed parsing , the scrollbar of the grid does not appear for the grid and the user has to use the browser scrollbar for scrolling which is not a great user experience.

I have referred the following example for my implementation : … .html#code.

I have tried the following options , it makes the scrollbar but scroll does not move as in the above example. = “scroll”; = “scroll”;

Could you please let me know how to enable scrollbar while performing distributed parsing.

In common case, smart rendering mode is much more preferable ( it gives a real performance boost, while distributed parsing just prevents browser freezing )

>>I have tried the following options
Normally grid already has the overflow:auto for the same container. So if content is overflowing the container - scroll must appears.

>>how to enable scrollbar
It is enabled by default.
Are you using auto-height mode in the same time? Auto-height will resize grid to remove the v-scrolls.
Also, how the height of grid’s container is defined in your case?

We have to user Distributed Parsing as we are doing grouping and filtering in a grid which does not work correctly with Smart Rendering.

Do we have a callback function to know when the whole grid is rendered ?


I have got a callback when the Distributed Parsing is done for the grid which is : onDistributedEnd , but this callback does not work for me may be because I am creating grid from the table and not from the XML.

Please let me know if there is a way to get the callback.

In case of init from html table you can try to use
<table class=“dhtmlxGrid” gridHeight=“500” //or any other desired height value here

>>Please let me know if there is a way to get the callback.

<table class=“dhtmlxGrid” name=“mygrid” onbeforeinit=“set_handlers()” …

Beware, that onDistributedEnd is relative new event, and may not available in older versions of dhtmlxgrid.

Hi ,

I tried the above option with the following code:

I have got an alert “in inithandlers” and also distributed parsing is working but didn’t get the callback “doDistEnd”.


I have searched onDistributedEnd callback functions on all dhtmlx*.js but couldn’t find that.

We are using dhtmlxTreeGrid v.2.1 Professional edition version.

Please let me know how to enable this callback

a) you can update your code to latest version (2.5)
b) you can contact us directly at and we will send you an updated dhtmlx.js for version 2.1