Scrollbar on tabbar & over event


Can we have scrollbars ( on left tabbar ( ?

Mouse over is not represented in demos, do we have it ? Explanation : In a place, i would like to use the control as a breadcrumb system so even presented this way i would still benefit of collapsible, loading tabs content with ajax, scrolling, save/load selection using cookies.

The achievement needs 2 things.

  • Visually : It just has to look like breadcrumb which is even simpler than a tab.
  • On mouse over each breadcrumb entry (tab in fact), i would like to open a mega menu containing other controls. Do we have mouse over event for tabs ?

There is no vertical scroll in the Tabbar.
About “mouseover”: you can init tabbar such way: … _html.html
And set ids to divs and set “mouseover” to them.

Thanks you Darya

You are welcome!