Scrollbars and dhmlxtree standard edition

How can I turn on the vertical scroll bar of a dhtmlXTreeObject?

In some examples the scrollbar turns on automatically when not enough place to display all nodes. But in my pages I cannot set up this functionality. When I open some closed nodes until the last item goes to out of the “visible area” (outside of the container div), there isn’t any scrollbar to reach that item.

Current html/javascript code:



Is it possible to turn on scrollbars in standard edition?

Scrollbars must work automatically in both standard and pro editions.
The only requirement - the tree’s container must have some fixed height and width
In your case, please try to update existing HTML as

I corrected that mistake as you suggested. After that, I found another bug on my page: I forgot to “include” the required css file.
I corrected my html file, inserted the css into the “head” section, as it written in your documentations:

And, of course, it works well! The horizontal and vertical scrollbar turns on and off automatically.

Thank you for your help!