Scrollbars broken?


we have problems with the scrollbars.

We needed a small header with our logo and title.

First we tried it with a div and normal positioning above the gantt, but it doesn’t work well. Every time the XScrollbar disappears.

Then we tried it with “gantt.config.scale_height” and adding several subscales in the correct height in combination with setting the header div to position:absolute. This worked. XScrollbar is placed correctly and is visible.

But it seems that the YScrollbar doesn’t use “gantt.config.scale_height” for its height calculation and at the lower end the scrollbar doesn’t do anything.

Plus we have several situations where tasks are displayed outside of the gantt with correct x positions but incorrect y (Grid entries and gantt entries get asynchronous). Always at the lower end and always if scrolling is necessary.

Would be nice if someone can help me with this one.


please attach some examples that demonstrates incorrect work of the gantt in cases you’ve mentioned