Scrolling in a page list

I am using a page list to show some information about elements in my application. Those information are made of html built inside the page template and the total height of the html page depends on the number of information fields I need to show. Some elements have numerous data fields and all the information are not showable on one page.

In my page list, I can scroll horizontally between pages but I can not scroll vertically on each page to view all the information …

First question : is there any means to do this : scrolling horizontally between pages and vertically inside the current page ?

Second question : is it possible to use a grid as a template for each page of a pagelist ?

Best regards, Frédéric

(a) if you are using carousel - yes, you can place templates in cells, and have in them y-scroll
(b) also possible, but you need to use carousel, not page list