Scrolling the page, not the grid cell

I’m new at dhtmlx and I’m trying to put a grid inside a layout. I was able to do this but I get a scrollbar inside my layout in the grid cell. I want when the grid gets populated with many items to be able to scroll the page and not the grid cell of the layout.

Is this possible?

Thanks for any help.


Unfortunately your requirement is not clear. Do you want to create paging withing layout cell with grid?

Hi Olga,
Thanks for your response. Not exactly. I would like to have all my grid rows show on one page. if the page isn’t enough to fit them I want to be able to scroll down and see the rest. What I don’t want is to have a container scroller. I want to be able to use the browser scroll on the far right like the one this page.

Thanks for any help,

Unfortunately it impossible to resieze layout height dynamically so it will be fit grid height.

Thanks Olga for your response. I’ll have it in mind.