Scrolling with mouse does not allow to see all the records i

In your sample ( … ng/100000/ ) I see the same behaviour. In your sample, first I enter an ‘a’ character in Combo text area. Then if you scroll down with mouse you will reach the “anarch” row… BUT… it is not the last word that starts from “a” character. You can click the “down” arrow of the scrollbar many times but in vain. To see the rest you either have to move the mouse to the left and only after that the next portion of rows will be added to the list and you will be able to scroll down again… or use the keyboard for the same purpose. It seems this is not user friendly behaviour. Could you please explain if this can be fixed some how?

Currently in auto-sub-loading mode, combo request new portion of data when last option in list preselected by key events of by mouse moving other it.
The combo doesn’t monitor scroll state of list, so there is no easy way to extend current behavior.